Superbowl Crafting

We were invited to an "I Hate Tom Brady" Superbowl party so we had to get Aaron involved in the crafting. He quickly pointed out that he was an artist not a crafter. Fair enough.

A craft in progress...

This is how the process goes down. I make the first of seventeen Girl Scout Cookie Clipboards. The first is usually the worse one, all the mistakes are made and I figure out how to do it better. Don't worry I always give the first one to my daughter who has little attachment to things I make! Then I start the assembly line and finish the rest. At some point I wish I had an assistant.

Winter Crafts and Coffee

Samples were made, crafts were explained, coffee was drank and treats were eaten. All of our instructors are wonderful women we are thrilled to know! 

Happy 2017 Trendy Crafters

At 11:05 pm on December 31, 2016 I actually asked my husband to draw me some 2017 glasses that I could cut out. I had forgot that I owned a machine that would do that for me. So in true Trendy Craft spirit we rang in the New Year while making a craft!

Tis the Season to be Married Circa 2005

It's been over a decade and I can finally look at the colors pink and brown and not have a visceral reaction. Why exactly did I think getting married smack dab in the middle of the holidays was a great idea? I am not sure? But it happened and although we only bother to celebrate the actual day once every 3 years or so, the love is still strong. And every year when friends send me pictures of our favor and remind me of the fun day, I realize December 29 was a great day to be married.

Sneak peak...Trendy crafts winter 2017

Trendy Crafts is growing and changing every single month. Right now we are finishing up preparations for the Winter 2017 semester. We are rolling out our class "Crafts Around the World" at over 25 schools and we are previewing "Treasures to Keep and Gifts to Give" at another 10 schools! Here is one of my most favorite crafts this semester, you will find it in our "Treasures" class so sign up soon! And don't even ask, you will not get any more previews from me....

Another Craft fair in the books...

If my children are learning anything from me it may just be how make money from crafting, creating, and selling! My son came back to his elementary school craft fair from middle school with no shame. He knows as a 12 year old there are not tons of options to make some cash for Christmas shopping. It worked, at the end of the night he was $38 richer.